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The MLR Director Update

Happy Holidays from the Mother Lode Leadership team!

As we enter into mid December the Refresher Season in the Mother Lode Region has all but wrapped up and now we await snow and hope for a Deep Powder Christmas!

December opened with myself being able to attend Mt. Shasta’s Refresher.

Also in attendance was Far West Division OEC Supervisor Sonja Kivley. Patrollers both Paid and NSP volunteers, spent the day training together to the National Ski Patrols level of standardized care. I was able to readily observe and feel the level of cooperation that exists between the two entities as they trained and socialized throughout the day. In support of the patrollers training were the Paid Patrol Director, the Risk Management Team, Lift Operations, and the Maintenance Team. The mountain provided breakfast and lunch so that folks did not go hungry and most certainly felt valued. Mt. Shasta’s NSP leadership team of Patrol Rep. Al Swan and his Assistant Tom Hastings, are to be commended for a job well done in not just providing a top notch refresher, but for creating a model of how Mountain Management, Paid Patrollers, and NSP Volunteers can function as a team enhancing their effectiveness in providing a safe experience for the skiing and riding public!

Speaking of riding into December……, I was fortunate to be able to attend, along with Nancy Stromswold the Far West Division Director, an American River Bike Patrol Awards ceremony on December 16th at Discovery Park in Sacramento, Ca. The celebration was about “At risk” young people from Rancho Cordova High School, and their journey to become members of the American River Bike Patrol/Hosts as Young Adults.

Fifteen students completed ten weeks of training, and after successful completion each were recognized by the ARBP members, family, teachers, and both the Rancho Cordova Chief of Police and his Assistant. Trek Bicycle Representatives were in attendance and as each young adult was recognized they were presented with a new Trek Bike! The emotions of gratitude and humility were apparent as each student was asked to come forward and speak. All of them spoke to their parents, teachers, and the leadership of the ARBP with palpable emotion. It was a privilege to witness this community of adults and young people pull together. Oh and yes, all were provided with some NSP swag as well!

Most certainly a model for future and existing NSP Bike Patrols, both trail and mountain, to follow. Congratulations to James Cheng, the ARBP Representative, and his team for a job very well done!

Remember Patrol Reps. and leadership teams, to RECRUIT and RETAIN! Suggestions……….Utilize the # and the social media platform with intent and purpose. Manage it carefully.  Keep at it, as it takes time to reach enough people and build a following of people who will share your organization's activities of being of service and having fun in doing so. Utilize banners at the bottom of high traffic lifts and other areas of your resort or bike trails and be sure to upgrade that tried and true method with a QR codes!

If you are interested in becoming an NSP member and joining one of the twelve patrols within the Mother Lode Region please check out this site and various patrol links to connect yourself to their recruiting and social media sites. 

Happy Holidays and see you on the mountain!


William J. Borelli

Mother Lode Region Director


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