The Toboggan program at the regional level focuses on senior toboggan handling and instructor training. Basic level toboggan skills are usually taught at your home mountain by your local NSP toboggan instructors. If you need assistance with you local toboggan training, the region has resources ready to meet your needs.

Senior Toboggan

Senior toboggan events are designed as clinics and evaluations. If your goal is to improve your sled handling skills, the MLR toboggan clinics are for you. The clinics consist of a half day of toboggan handling and a 1/2 day of ski instruction. The toboggan portion focuses on refining skills such as route selection, tail, anticipating terrain, finesse, teamwork, and strategy. The ski portion focuses on skills as they relate to toboggan handling. Namely, advanced edge control, balance, and body position to name a few. At some clinics ski instruction is taught by a PSIA Level III instructor. The PSIA instructors focus on advanced ski techniques on the bumps and steeps.

This season we have several clinics available through out the region and division. The best of these is the three day clinic at Dodge Ridge. This clinic features toboggan instruction by our top I.T.s and ski instruction by PSIA Level III instructors. If your goal is improvement and fun, this is the clinic for you. Evening social activities are included.

Please check senior toboggan clinics on our website Calendar or contact me.


If you wish to become an instructor you will need to get involved in the mentoring program. New instructors are assigned a mentor to assist in learning the "ropes" of teaching sleds. To get on track with this program, contact your mountain’s toboggan advisor or the MLR toboggan advisor.

Contact the OET Advisor with any questions


2023/2024 Season Events: